• Information and Communication Technologies in Education  : The ICT Department provides a set of tools and services to support you during your online learning process.
  • The Multimedia Center  : It enables publishing, consulting, downloading and podcasting of audio and video educational resources.
  • Les Carnets - Paris Descartes  University collective blog : The content of the university social network has been gradually consolidating based on numerous posts from individual and collective blogs.
  • Moodle  : Thanks to this teaching platform teachers and professors can devise a lesson plan and upload courses. It also enables students to have easy access to educational resources and to share knowledge.
  • PDU Software Library  : The University Software Library can help you choose from a variety of free-of-charge software products, such as utilities, graphic design, science or office automation software, multimedia players, etc. It also offers access to licensed software products, courtesy of the Department of Education.
  •  iTunes : You can find some of PDU courses and lectures on iTunes U Paris Descartes . 
    • How to find us on iTunes U ?
      • Paris Descartes iTunes U address
      • If you already have an iTunes account, click on iTunes U and find Paris Descartes University in the Les Carnets - PDU collective blog directory.
      • If you don’t have an account, you need to download iTunes U from Apple .




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