health studies

You contemplate undertaking studies to become a physician, an  odontologist, a pharmacist, midwife or physical therapist.


Undertaking University health studies means:

  • Being first very much motivated, having sound scientific training and the ability to work hard.
  • During the courses: innovative teaching methods closely relating theory and practice


The first common year called PACES (Première Année Commune des Etudes de Santé, first year of health studies) has been set up since the 2010-2011 academic year.

The PACES replaces the PCEM1(first year of the first cycle of medical studies) and PCEP1(first year of the first cycle of pharmacy studies). It is common to medicine, odontology (dental surgery), pharmacy, midwifery (maieutics) and physiotherapy studies.

At the end of PACES four competitive examinations are organized. Students’ results will determine which stream they will enroll in, depending on their own choice and rank in the competitive examination concerned.

The number of students admitted in each stream is established by a Ministerial Decree, which is called the Numerus Clausus.

From the second year, studies are distributed in medicine, odontology, pharmacy, midwifery and physiotherapy.

  • Medicine  studies last from 9 years (for general practitioners) to 11 years, depending on the specialization chosen. Some specializations require a special qualification (capacité)
  • Odontology  studies last six years to lead to the State Diploma of Dental Surgeon (Doctorate), which may be completed by specializations (from 2 to 4 further years of study)
  • Pharmacy  studies last from 6 years (PharmD, State Diploma) to 9 years, depending on the specializations chosen
  • Midwifery studies  last 4 years (after PACES) and are followed in midwifery schools.They lead to a State Diploma of midwife
  • Physiotherapy studies last 3 years after PACES and take place in Paris-ADERF physiotherapy school  : it is a private establishment of higher education with an association status. Studies lead to the State Diploma of Physiotherapist
  • The University paramedical course of study offers a special qualification for orthoptist


Gateways/medicine sciences and pharma sciences streams: two streams, namely medecine science and pharma sciences have just been set up to allow early research training for medicine and pharmacy students.

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