University calendar

University calendar

You can check the precise dates for the beginning of your term as well as the dates of your exams on the calendar specific to each host Faculty or UFR (training and research department).
Their contact details are available in the UFR and IUT  section of the present website.


  • 1st session 1st semester: in January (December for the Economics and Management Bachelor’s degrees)
  • 2nd session 1st semester: end of June / July
  • 1st session 2nd semester: May or June
  • 2nd session 2nd semester: June, July.

Exception: one session only at the IUT.

University breaks

  • Christmas: 2 weeks
  • Spring: 2 weeks



  • All Saints’ Day (November 1st)
  • 1918 Armistice (November 11)
  • Christmas (December 25)
  • New Year’s day (January 1st)
  • Easter Monday
  • Labor Day (May 1st)
  • 1945 Victory Day (May 8)
  • Ascension Thursday (May 25)
  • Whitsun Monday (May)
  • Bastille Day (July 14)
  • Assumption (August 15)