RoboUni Cup 2012

Sorbonne Paris City and Paris Descartes University, Paris Diderot and Paris 13 held their first competition robotics, RoboUni Cup 2012 Wednesday, June 13, 2012.
During this competition, the public could see them face the 10 best teams from each university and discover the humanoid robot Nao and the Lego robots used by students.

The results:

- For category Nao baskets
First, the team Yanku University Paris Descartes
Second, the team Terminus of the University of Paris Diderot

- For category Lego Mindstorm ball boy solo
First, the team Xception University Paris Diderot
Second, the Terminator team from the University Paris 13
Third, the team "42", University Paris Descartes

- For category Lego Mindstorm ball boy duet
First, the team SCOPRIO University Paris Diderot
Second, the team Vandonidas University Paris Diderot
Third, the Orange team beginner University Paris Descartes


Meanwhile, students from different universities have presented our projects and innovative technologies on which they worked an entire semester (implementation of 3D web, and Smartphone new uses of the Internet, ...), and competitors Imagine Cup presented the project that led to the final.