Optional course for involvement

 In order to acknowledge and derive benefit from your associative or personal involvement, you have the possibility to have your actions validated within an optional course:

  • By doing sport or cultural activities with an educational purpose
  • If you are a masters student, by volunteering as a tutor or mentor with undergraduates
  • By becoming an elected representative in administrative bodies
  • Through associative involvement in the university,
  • Through local associative involvement, excluding political or ideological involvement.


Your involvement must be on a volunteer basis and year-round.

How to proceed

You can contact your Training and Research Department Office to know if this optional course is compatible with your study curriculum.

You should then register with your Training and Research Department office before the end of November of the current year. Complete a preliminary declaration form that can be downloaded into your Digital Work Environment (ENT ) or withdrawn from your Training and Research Department Office.  You will be informed on the result of your application in December. Then, if your application is accepted, you will be required to write an 8-page report detailing the nature of your involvement and the competences that you have acquired, and send it to the Direction of Studies and University Life (DEVU) by April.