Scholarships and social benefits

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Requests for a scholarship based on social criteria should be made online on the website of the CROUS of PARIS  between January 15th and April 30th. The validation of the scholarship is done automatically during administrative registration.

Before making their administrative registration, students are invited to go to the welcome desk with their conditional scholarship opinion of the current year, to get an exoneration voucher for registration fees and social security expenses.

The students who were not able to provide their conditional scholarship opinion at the time of registration must, as soon as they get it, go to the welcome desk to have their status validated.

Reimbursement of registration fees can then be claimed upon presentation of the definitive scholarship decision, of the annex of the student card and of their banking information. You can ask here for the reimbursement request form.

A similar request can be made with the social security authorities (URSSAF), to be reimbursed of student social security expenses, with the enclosed form . You must send your form at :

URSSAF de PARIS région parisienne - Direction de Paris Sud
Service 8122/1037
3, rue de Tolbiac
75701 PARIS CEDEX 13
Tél. 08 20 01 10 10
Fax 01 49 20 81 66



The Solidarity and Development Fund of Student Initiatives (FSDIE), thanks to its social dimension, can help university students who encounter temporary financial difficulties.

A select social commission of the educational establishment meets about every month and a half to examine the different claims. Aid application files on the FSDIE can be withdrawn from and dropped at the university head office:

Direction des Etudes et de la vie universitaire (DEVU)
Service de la vie étudiante
Bureau d’accueil des étudiants
Aile droite du bâtiment – Porte A1
12, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine

Contact : Alain Bernard
Phone: 01 76 53 17 50

Log on to the university website (ENT ), section Jobs and Student Ads to learn about the date of the next commission.



Their key tasks consist in:

  • Helping students who go through social, familial or personal difficulties
  • Restoring social contact when there is a risk of disruption of social bonds or marginalization
  • Supporting them in their academic project
  • Providing access to basic rights and directing students to University services and outside partners; serving as a bridge between the Crous services and the university.
  • Investigating financial aid application files
  • Attending various welfare bodies and commissions in our university


Two social workers provide services to the University Paris Descartes students

  • For all university faculties except the University Technological Institute (IUT) : Ms COX and Ms LALISSE will meet with students
  • Pour toutes les composantes sauf l’IUT : Ms COX and Ms LALISSE will meet with students
    12, rue de l’École de Médecine - Left wing of the building 1st floor Paris 6e - M°Odéon
    Call to make an appointment at + 33 (0)1 76 53 19 19
  • For the Technological Institute (IUT): Ms LALISSE will meet with students every Friday morning.
    Call to make an appointment at +33 (0)1 76 53 19 19


Social workers are bound by professional secrecy.

Planning of the social workers