Partners' offers

The University has been establishing privileged ties with a certain number of partners. Within this framework, exceptional opportunities are made available to the students and the staff of our university.Go and visit our partners’ website .

Opening up

The University is developing ties with partners of all kinds and to varying degrees: between suppliers and institutions, through various student and staff services. Recently the University has intensified contacts so as to create new fruitful partnerships for the benefit of its users or its staff, both faculty and administrative.

A relevant partnership

The basic principle of a partnership is that each party should consider it to be in its interest. The University benefits from a subsidy, specific services or preferential fares. In return, the partner has privileged access to our university community of 35,000 students and 3,500 staffs. Together the University and its partner define the rules of this partnership, with due respect to individuals and public service regulations, and in a transparent manner. An agreement and a plan of actions are signed each year by each partner.

Innovative initiatives

The partnership takes very diverse forms: a mere advertisement in our publications (student or staff diaries), sponsoring events (Annual Staff Day, Christmas tree, Digital Day, etc.), and making craft items (carry-charts, T-shirts), not to mention the services and products exclusively developed for our users and our staff (Computer store, banking/ insurance products, etc).  The partner’s forums, which take place on our different university locations, give the staff members and the students the opportunity to gain better understanding of these services and to meet with the partners.