If you are among students who have just registered or re-registered, become a member of RéseauPro, the professional network of the University and take advantage of many services


  • Consult internships and job offers    Consultez les offres
  • Submit your résumé
  • Consult agenda for forums and exhibitions related to orientation and professional integration
  • Get in contact with companies and former students, and many other things!


Your first connection to RéseauPro

Before being able to connect you have to activate your student account on the digital work environment (ENT), accessible from the University website

To do so:

  • Have your student card ready
  • Go to the Paris Descartes website
  • Click on the ENT portal section, in the top right hand corner.


The ENT homepage is displayed:

  • Click on the Account Activation button
  • Put in your login provided with your student card, choose a password and validate.Your account student is activated.


Once your student account is activated on the ENT:

  • Go to RéseauPro
  • Click on the Log in button
  • Put in your login and your ENT account password and validate.


The network Charter is displayed:

Read it carefully before accepting it: it informs you about your rights and duties as a member of the University professional network. Once the charter is validated you access your personal space.

If you have any connection problems or wish additional information on RéseauPro,you may send an e-mail to the network webmasters .