Spring School 2013

From the 18th to the 28th of June at Paris Descartes University

Photophysics and photochemistry of fluorophores, Light sources and lasers for fluorescence excitation, Conventional and confocal microscopy, CCD cameras, Patch clamp and extracellular recording. Multi-electrode arrays. ln vivo electrical recording, Data analysis and image analysis, Two-photon confocal and other non-linear microscopy, Fluorescent indicators for calcium and other ions and membrane potential, Adaptive optics in microscopy, Photolysis, Brain slice and ln vivo imaging, Viral transfection of genetically encoded markers and indicators.

Fee: 800€ including accommodation.
Reduced fee for students who do not require accommodation

Attendance at the lectures only is open to all Paris-based students without fee.

Organisers: B.Barbour, S.Dieudonne, D.Ogden, B. Stell, F.Trigo