Funding of joint projects

You have ideas; you wish to set up a joint project (associative, sport, humanitarian or social solidarity, cultural, festive, etc.)

You can benefit from the Solidarity and Development of Student Initiative Fund (FSDIE) of the University. The projects will be examined by the Project Assistance Commission of the FSDIE. The project file must first clearly outline the objectives and implementation procedures and also indicate the benefits for the university community. A balanced budget should be presented.

The FSDIE Project Assistance Commission meets four times a year, in November, January, March and June.

To submit an application file, you may, as of now, download the file into your Digital Work Environment (ENT ), Section Campus News/Student Ads, and send it back to your Training and Research Department. It is up to you to ask this office about the deadline regarding the return of your files to your Training and Research Department. The files must be signed and acknowledged by the Dean of your Training and Research Department. They are then transferred to the Direction of Studies and University Life (DEVU) for examination by the members of the commission.

Pour tous renseignements complémentaires, contactez

Au Siège de l’Université
12, rue de l’Ecole de médecine
Paris 6e


  • Catherine Hervy
    Responsable du bureau des associations étudiantes et de l’engagement étudiant
    (bureau A.0.5)  
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  • Alain Bernard
    Responsable du service de la vie étudiante
    (bureau A.0.5)
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