Descartes Cafés

Descartes cafés are regularly organized around a publication written by a teacher researcher or researcher from the university.

They are open to the public and announced in the cultural events on the home page of this site or in the agenda .

Previous Descartes Café was held on February 1st 2011

Paris Descartes University had the pleasure to invite everyone at the Descartes café  that took place on February 1st at 6 p.m. in the presence of

  • Axel KAHN, President of Paris Descartes University.
  • Yvan BROHARD, Historian and exhibition commissioner.
  • Guy GOBOLET, Director of the intervarsity health library.


Couverture ouvrage "une Histoire de la Médecine"

"Une histoire de la médecine ou le souffle d'Hippocrate"

(A history of medicine or inspired by Hippocrates)
Paris Descartes University, published by La Martinière


Café-restaurant Les Editeurs


Through three main themes (the discovery of the body, the discovery of the invisible world and the inner world: the worlds of the mind) the writers deal with the evolution of medical thought, study its trial and error, its progress throughout the years. They put forward the ambitions of contemporary medicine.

Three among the best names of medicine take part in this ambitious project: Patrick Berche, Jean Claude Ameisen and Axel Kahn.

The book was initiated by Yvan Brohard, an art historian who punctuates the historical and philosophical texts with relevant boxes.

He also has to be praised for selecting a wonderful iconography stemming mainly from the intervarsity medical library but also from famous museums and private collections.

A history of Medicine offers different lines of thinking to the general public by relating the scientific dimension to the world of art.

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Watch the video of the last Descartes Cafés at the Café des Editeurs online:
  • November 22 2010:  Descartes Café around the book Les Défis du Vieillissement (The challenges of ageing) published by Armand Colin and written by Anne Marie Guillemard, professor of sociology at Paris Descartes University, member of the University Institute of France and the European Academy of Sciences.
    Debate led by Anne Rodier, journalist for Le Monde de l’Economie.
    -> Watch the video online
  • May 4 2010: Descartes Café around the book Un type bien ne fait pas ça (A good guy will not do that) published by Nil and written by Axel Kahn, President of Paris Descartes University. Debate led by Gérard Collard, bookseller and reviewer.
    -> Watch the video online
  • October 1st 2009:  Descartes café around the book Comment aider un enfant à devenir lui-même (How to help a child to become himself), published by Armand Colin and written by François De Singly, professor of sociology at Paris Descartes University. Debate led by Martine Fournier, executive editor of the monthly review Sciences Humaines.
    -> Watch the video online
  • April 28 2009:  Descartes café around the book L'histoire secrète des guerres biologiques (The secrete history of biological  Wars), published by Robert Laffont and written by Patrick Berche, Dean of Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine. Debate led by Fabrice Papillon, a scientific journalist.
    -> Watch the video online

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