Georges Cremer

Georges CREMER
President of the Friends of the History of Medicine Museum

After two years of being closed after a fire, the museum is once again open to the public. The museum was restored thanks to the financial support from the mayor of Paris and the building department of the French Education authority. The university would never have been able to finance this restoration alone. We would like to express our gratitude here.

We would also like to thank Mr. Collet, Senator-Mayor of our district, who has always been very attentive to preserving our medical heritage.

While reading these pages, you will notice that the history of the Museum is closely linked to the construction and development of the surgery school’s buildings, which were later to become the Medical School of Paris and then, more recently, the University.

It is equally interesting to note that a number of surgical tools that belonged to the Museum collections were put together as far back as the 18th century by the dean Lafaye, with a view to creating a Museum of Medical teaching: “the history of medicine as well as other branches of philosophy” were not unknown to surgery students under the reign of Louis XVI.

We hope all of you can visit the Museum and discover the accounts of the history of medicine recognized the world over for their incomparable value.


Francois Collet

François Collet
Adjunct Mayor of Paris
Mayor of the 6th district

I am happy to salute the rebirth of the Museum of the History of medicine which was unfortunately struck by a fire soon after its opening to the public.

It is one of the sites of memory of which the 6th district is proud, happy that the city of Paris could oversee its restoration, thus saving a medical heritage renowned the world over for the quality and rarity of its exhibited souvenirs.

I also heartily congratulate the springtide craftsmen, and hope that there will be many Parisians and tourists who visit the museum and discover the accounts of the committed struggles of doctors and surgeons to save the lives of their fellow people.

Convinced of its irreplaceable character, I am sure they would want to help in its influence by joining the Friends of the History of Medicine Museum Association.