The face in all its states

affiche expo visage

  From 18 October to 9 November 2010 at the Cordeliers Refectory

  Exhibition sponsored by the Fondation d’entreprise L’Oréal

A hundred works of classical art and primitive art - richness of colours, diversity of material, originality of shape -- from Africa, from the West, the East, from America, Oceania -- illustrate and bear witness to what the face is and has been forever, the sign of our individuality and the focus of an essential preoccupation.

The sculptor Mauro Corda and the photographer Patrick de Wilde provide a contemporary expression.

Here are the videos (in french)   filmed during the show with interviews of Axel Kahn, President of Paris Descartes University, François de Singly, official representative of  “Knowledge and culture”, and Yvan Brohard , Exhibition organizer.


Lecture series:

26 October 2010 at 6 pm “Sides, Masks and Faces”

From make-up to ointments, tattoos, scarifications, hairstyles, jewelry, pigmentations, distortions…., humans have focused on their faces, the most sociable part of their anatomy, a whole range of embellishment gestures. The face’s physiognomy, expressions and ornaments form a tangle of sometimes very subtle and fleeting signs, whose meaning might escape observers who know nothing of the culture, beliefs or personality of the person expressing them.

Round table discussion with David le Breton, sociologist, Eric Chazot, Himalayan mask specialist, Anne de Marnhac, Historian, and Brigitte Bouret, Museum Curator. Moderated by Elisabeth Azoulay, editor of 100,000 Years of Beauty.
-> You can see the video on our multimedia library (in french)

2 November 2010 at 6 pm "Facing Up"

Face transplants have sparked discussions and raised questions on surgery, ethics, the importance of appearance, relationship with the media, psychology, etc. These issues are still in the news after the successful total face transplant in Spain in 2010, five years after the first transplant performed in Amiens after which followed 12 other transplants.

A lecture by Bernard Deauchelle, who performed the first face transplant in the world.
Moderated by Marcel Ichou, journalist

-> You can see the video on our multimedia library - french


9 November 2010 at 6 pm "The Face between Visible and Invisible"

Character, passions, penchants, sentiments, emotions, psychology, seduction, expression… In the relationship to the other, the face bridges the gap between the visible and invisible, the obvious and the latent, the soul and the body, the personality and physical appearance. "The eyes are a window on the soul," "the face is the mirror of the soul" and all kinds of other metaphors express this oh-so-human dialectic.

A round table discussion with Jean-Claude Ameisen, chairman of the Inserm ethics committee, Axel Kahn, president of Paris Descartes University, Françoise Gaillard, philosopher, and Thierry Delcourt, psychoanalyst. Moderated by Elisabeth Azoulay, editor of 100,000 Years of Beauty.

-> You can see the video on our multimedia library - in french