Motherhood, a world of love and tenderness

As part of its cultural and knowledge mission, Paris Descartes University, which specializes in health and human sciences, focusing on the theme of  “The ages of life,” presents a first exhibition:

Motherhood, a world of love and tenderness

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50 works of classical and primitive art illustrate the theme of mother and child; a shared perspective, which explores the sacred bind of love and tenderness beyond its many shapes and cultures. Madonna and child from the western world, Chinese Guanyin, African, Nepalese, pre-Columbian motherhood…  in wood, stone, terracotta... together with objects related to fertility rites are there to give homage to each woman who gives life.

Sandra Martagex, painter and Patrick de Wilde, photographer provide a contemporary expression.

You can see  a video - in french (filmed during the exhibition) of Axel KAHN (President of Paris Descartes University) François de SINGLY (official representative of Knowledge and Culture) and Yvan BROHARD (exhibition curator) on our Multimedia library.

During the exhibition, a series of three free lectures were given and are now available on France Culture’s website, in the series “the pathways of creation" .

From milk to bonding:  the issues of breastfeeding

Catherine ROLLET, professor at the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University

From fetus to baby. Psychoanalytical approaches

Bernard GOLSE, Professor at Paris Descartes University

Mother and child in 15th to 21st century European painting

Brigitte BOURET, Head Curator in charge of heritage, J Déchelette Museum, Roanne


Thank you for this tenderness, thank you for this beauty – F.A.

Thank you for this wonderful exhibition which helped us to rediscover, in the light and shadows, our common origins, forever being renewed – J.C.A

It’s so nice to see a world view of the special mother/child relationship - M. C. Boston USA

Thank you for this universal approach to a major subject. – A.G.

Very moving diversity to motherhood

Very beautiful and what a great idea for both joy and art

Congratulations for this exhibition which pays homage to women, motherhood and to artists of all times.