Students who passed the baccalaureate examination previously

As a general rule, the baccalaureate grants direct access to university admission. However, some faculties may have additional requirements due to their limited registration capacity.

If you passed the baccalaureate examination prior to your registration, you may have to contact the department where you intend to study to find out about the registration procedure.

After completion of your undergraduate studies

To register for professional BA’s and MA’s, students will need to submit an application and go for an interview.

There are typically two steps to follow during the registration procedure:

  • Step 1: administrative registration (from July to November). A student card will be issued upon payment of the annual registration fees.
  • Step 2: pedagogical registration (at the start of the academic year). Students will need to register for various courses and tutorials with the appropriate department .

After receiving the department and the university approvals, students will go through the same registration procedure as that of the students who passed their baccalaureate examination during the current academic year (i.e, administrative registration from July to November, pedagogical registration in September, start of the academic year mid-September).