Foreign students

Registration requirements

  • Holding a French baccalaureate or a degree granting access to higher education in the country of residence that may be suitable to apply for the intended studies in France
  • Having a good command of the French language
  • Being able to justify the intended studies in France
  • Holding a valid residence permit or a student visa


Registration may be completed in two ways

1-   Direct registration procedure

Direct registration applies to students falling into the following categories:

  • Holders of a French baccalaureate or an equivalent degree
  • Children of diplomats posted in France holding a French baccalaureate 

Those students must follow the “post-baccalaureate admission” procedure.

All students listed below must contact directly the admission office of the intended department.

  • Holders of a French degree granting exemption to the baccalaureate according to French law, holders of an International baccalaureate or a French-German baccalaureate, EU students or members of the European economic area, foreign nationals pursuing studies in France under an inter-governmental or inter-university agreement  
  • Foreign students with a French scholarship
  • Foreign students with a scholarship granted by an international organization or a foreign government but handled by a certified French organization
  • Stateless students or refugees, and foreign nationals applying for stateless or refugees status, not yet approved, depending on favourable recommendation from the head of the Office français pour les réfugiés et les apatrides [French office for stateless people and refugees]
  • Foreign nationals registering again for undergraduate studies or intending to register for graduate or post-graduate studies or completing an internship in a research laboratory
  • Children of diplomats posted in France NOT holding a French baccalaureate
  • Foreign nationals holding an equivalent degree to the French baccalaureate

2- Indirect registration procedure

Students NOT listed above must follow the procedure described below:

  • Application forms for preliminary admission to undergraduate studies at a French university, available from December 1st to January 15th, must be obtained from:
  • The French cultural services in the country of residence
  • or
  • The students registration office located in the main building of the university (for holders of a valid residence permit only)

Application forms must then be returned to the original purveyor (French cultural services or students registration office) no later than February 1st.

A language test known as TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) must be taken in mid-February.

The students listed below will NOT need to take this test:

Foreign nationals from French-speaking countries, foreign nationals having passed their highschool examinations in French in their country of residence, students holding the DALF certificate (Diplôme approfondi de langue française).

Administrative registration

To be completed at the admission office. Registration is by appointment only.

Upon submission of their applications and documentary evidence, and payment of their registration and social security fees, if needed, all students, except ERASMUS, CREPUQ or MICEFA students, will receive a student card and a registration certificate needed to be officially acknowledged as students from Paris Descartes University. 

A registration certificate will be required to apply for a valid residence permit.

Pedagogical registration

To be completed after the administrative registration at the intended department. The pedagogical registration is necessary to help students choose their courses.

The residence permit

The information below is intended only for students outside the European economic area and the Swiss confederation.

Within two months after the ninth day following their arrival in France students will need to apply for a temporary residence permit indicating their student status. This permit is valid for up to one year and it may be renewed.

This permit may be issued by:

  • the Préfecture de Police (Police department) 13, rue Miollis - 75015 - Subway station Cambronne (from 8:30 Am til 4:30PM)


  • the foreign students office at the university (studies & student services section)

    12, rue de l’École de Médecine

    75006 Paris - Tél : + 33 (0)1 76 53 17 05

Contact the "International " section

For more information on the reception of foreign students please contact the STUDENT SERVICES section.