Considering the quick evolution of information and communication technologies everybody is concerned today by the common use of computer science tools. Higher education is much involved in the effort to favor the command of these new tools. It means :

  1. Allowing students to have a perfect command of skills that are now esssential to undertake long term studies and be able to improve such skills in accordance with technological developments.
  2. Being able to promote the skills that will help them to integrate into the professional world after completing their curriculum.


The Certification in computer literacy and internet use has been set up for this purpose.



There are two certification levels :

  • Level 1 enables students in higher education institutions to develop, improve and validate the command of information and communication technologies (TIC). They should be certified at the latest when undertaking their licence courses.
  • Level 2 is more oriented toward a job and allows higher requirements depending on the professional orientations of the training courses followed.


The C2i at Paris Descartes University

Any student officially registered for the preparation of a Licence at the University is entitled to take it.

It will be soon accessible to all Paris Descartes members who may be interested in it.

Consulter the C2i website (in French)