Paris Descartes University interests you:
Before undertaking any registration process, check whether you are looking for discipline is taught by visiting its training catalog!
Please note, registration procedures differ depending on your situation.
Want to join in the first or second year of undergraduate or first year of study in medicine or pharmacy, you must complete a preliminary application for admission
You must also obtain a residence permit.
In the field of health, you can:
   Continue your studies (medicine, dentistry, midwifery, or pharmacy) started in your country and get the French degree: it is possible on one condition, register in the first year of medical studies (for medicine, dentistry, midwifery) or pharmaceutical (pharmacy) and passed the exam season. It is possible to obtain an equivalency for the rest of the curriculum. Learn more about medical studies in France (France Campus Paper)
   Complete your training at Paris Descartes: AFS / AFSA (from the start of 2010-11, new degrees - DFMS / DFMSA with new access conditions: see the official text)
   OF / IUD
Note: these additional studies do not allow you to practice in France.
   Being licensed to practice in France
   A special competition for foreign health professionals is held annually: all information is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.
AUTHORIZATION TO EXERCISE IN FRANCE for the other regulated professions and equivalencies
   list of regulated professions