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Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, near Saint-Germain-des-Pres, the Presidency of the University, an Historic Monument, offers prestigious local style "Greek" late 18th or galleries from the late 19th.

Alongside functional arenas, lounges and rooms are richly decorated with tapestries and
paintings from the Mobilier National.
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Headquarters of the University of Paris Descartes

12 rue de l’École de médecine    
75006 Paris






cour_siegeG grandHall-3 grandAmphiSiege
Cour d'honneur Grand Hall Grand Amphithéâtre

 Size : 605 m2


Size : 286 m2
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Size : 350 seats
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Amphithéâtre Vulpian Salle du Conseil Galerie Saint Germain

Capacity : 220 seats


Capacity : 100 seats Size : 258 m2
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Salle de réunion Salle informatique Foyer des professeurs

Capacity : 20 seats


Capacity : 10 seats


Capacity : 40 seats
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