Recruiting in a work-and-study programme

Recruiting in a work-and-study programme

There are two ways to recruit in a work-linked training scheme: apprenticeship and the professionalization agreement. Training in a work and study programme at university means:

  • For the company :  access to a high quality career-path,  giving you the opportunity to achieve better understanding of the students and their trainings.
  • For the students : a run-up to professional life, thanks to a dual system in a company and at university.
  • For the students and the companies : a formal framework, a real recruitment pool  of young  diploma-holders.



The educational dimension specific to apprenticeship is notably based on the double tutoring between the university tutor and the company mentor.

At Paris Descartes, 26 degrees are open to apprenticeship, from DUT to professional master that's 740 apprentices in the tertiary sectors, science and technology.

For further information, read our brochure entitled “Apprenticeship in Paris Descartes University”

If you wish to recruit an apprentice, download the form “Job-training Opportunities”

Employers in the private and public sector receive financial benefits from the state and region when recruiting an apprentice.

The SOFIP (department providing guidance for career choice and job opportunities) Bureau for Corporate Communications is at your disposal to provide further information as required.

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The vocational training contract

All the training courses are eligible for the vocational training contract. Practically speaking they essentially include the training opportunity as an apprentice as they organize the combined University-Company scheme.

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