Welcome to Paris Descartes University!


Admission process for 2013/2014

Once your home higher education institution has selected and e-nominated you by May 15th at the latest, you must first fill in the online application form then print and sign it. 

You will submit the online application with the following documents by May 31st at the latest.

Please send a copy of the following documents to the persons in charge of “exchange students” in each faculty :

  • Online application form (+housing application form)
  • the Erasmus learning agreeement : you must complete this document at your home higher education institution with your teachers / tutors. This document is signed between the student and his or her home higher education institution. It sets out the program of studies you will follow at Paris Descartes University. It must also be signed by the Erasmus coordinator (or the international exchange coordinator) from the host faculty. This document will allow you to validate your study period once you are back in your home institution
  • your Erasmus student agreement
  • a copy of your transcript
  • a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the university supporting your application to Paris Descartes University
  • a copy of  your passport or national identity card
  • a copy of your student card
  • a document attesting to your level in French, DALF or TCF/TEF/DELF, B2 level (Independent User) being the minimum required
  • your arrival date as soon as you know it


Welcome period

Paris Descartes University provides a 8-day welcome period called "SILC" at the beginning of the academic year  from Tuesday, 3rd to Thursday, 12th September 2013. During this welcome period, incoming students are offered free French language and civilization courses.
Online registrations are opened from June 1st to June 22nd.