The Head Office

The Head Office

The representatives of the university meet every four years to choose the President of the university. Together with the Managing Director of the Services, the President rules over the collegiate management of Paris Descartes University.

The President
The President runs the university. He is the official representative of the university with regards to any third party, as well as in legal matters; he also signs treaties and conventions. He is the authorising officer for the revenues and the expense of the University. He chairs three councils, prepares their deliberations and enforces their decisions; he also receives their propositions and recommendations. He has authority over all the employees of the university. He appoints administrative staff, technicians, and employees, in all the services of the university. He appoints the members of the various juries. He is in charge of law and order within the university.

Pr Frédéric Dardel   has been the President of Paris Descartes since December 21, 2011.

The Vice President to the central councils and the Official Representatives

  Vice Presidents :  

  •   Mrs Isabelle JAMBAQUE-AUBOURG, Vice-President to Faculty Council and university life
  • Mrs Maria Pereira Da Costa, Vice-Chairman to the Board
  •   Mr. Stefano Marullo, Vice President Scientific Council
  •   Mr. Maximilian MATSAKIS,  Student Vice-President

  The Vice-Presidents in charge of specific functions:

  •   Mr. Pierre Olivier COURAUD, Vice President for recovery and industrial partnerships
  •   Mr. Arnaud DUCRUIX, Vice President, International Affairs and Higher Education Partnerships
  •   Mrs Marie-Helene-Crettez Jeanneret, Vice-President on the coordination of training SPC / Idex


  The official Representatives in charge of specific functions: 

  • Yvan BROHARD
  • Yves CHARBIT
  • Daniel DOT
  • Olivier HOUDE
  • David JANISZEK
  • Anne LAUDE
  • Dominique MARTIN
  • Lionel MOISAN
  • Yannick PARCHEMAL
  • Rebecca ROGERS
  • François de SINGLY


  The Adviser

  • Pierre PONTHUS


The Managing Director of the Services
The Managing Director of the Services is nominated by the President of the University and appointed by the Minister of Education. The Managing Director of the Services can be in office for no more than ten years in the same university. He is responsible for the administration and the management of the university. He is, by right, a member of the Bureau; he assists the President during all the sessions of the councils and committees or of the University Joint Committee (CPE); he is the president of the University Joint Select Committee (CPE restreint); he plays an official role in the implementation of the politics of the President, especially with regards to the management of the personnel. He is called upon to sit in many meetings and workshops of the National or Local Education Authorities; he represents the administrative management of the University outside Paris Descartes.

In March 2006, François PAQUIS was appointed General Secretary of the University. He became Managing Director of the Services in March 2010.

The accountant
The accountant is appointed by both the Minister for Universities and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He keeps the accounts for the University and prepares its financial account. He advises the President on all matters concerning the finances and the accounting of the University, he is a member of the management team of the University and plays a role in any decision-making process.

Corine BRANCALEONI has been the accountant of the University since Octobber 1st 2011; she is also the Managing Director of the Financial Services of the University.

The Executive Committee (CODIR)
The Executive Committee (Codir) meets twice a month, on average, to debate and prepare the questions submitted to the Bureau and the Councils.
The list of the CODIR members will soon be available.

The Council of the Presidency
The Council of the Presidency is constituted by the CODIR, official representatives and advisers, and meets once a month, on average. It contributes to the collective thinking of the team of Managing Directors on the politics and strategies of the university.

The Bureau
The Bureau, whose members are chosen by the President, is another major instance of the University. It rules collegially and is regularly consulted. It meets every month and is closely associated with the implementation of the politics planned out by the President and validated by the Board of Governors.

The Selected Bureau
It also meets every month and is the preferred instance for exchanging ideas between the Directors of the various Faculties and Institutes of the University and the team of Managing Directors.