The History of the University

In 1971, René Descartes - Paris V University was created as a result of the reform of the University of Paris, whose Faculties of medicine, pharmacy, humanities, sciences and law were split and divided into 8 universities located in Paris. The University Institute of Technology, the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education (STAPS), the Faculty of Odontology, the Saints Pères Faculty of Biomedical Sciences were first added to the original René Descartes - Paris V University created in 1971, then in 1976, the Faculty of Law of Malakoff also joined the University.

In 2004, the University underwent once again some significant changes. The three faculties of medicine of Paris (Necker, Cochin and Broussais) merged to become the Faculty of Medicine of Paris Descartes (MP5), and hence could offer students decompartmentalised general and specialised teaching, and constitute a federative centre, representative of medicine in Paris.

Furthermore, the University was one of the first to implement the Bologna Process (LMD - Degree, Master, Doctorate or 3-5-8) aimed at making the diplomas European. The reform, based on the organisation of the academic teaching in semesters and the capitalisation of credits (ECTS), provides a greater understanding of the students’ skills and makes it easier to study abroad.

When it was created, the University chose to be under the patronage of René Descartes (1596-1650) whose scientific approach was truly modern, encompassed all human knowledge and was perfectly adapted to a multidisciplinary university.